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Sultan Drinks & Soul2Sole Soccer

The Offical Drink of Soul2Sole FC and the Academy
Published Aug 15, 2021

Sultan Drinks will be the offical Sponsor foe the 1st Team of Soul2Sole Fc and for the Acadmey. Sultan Drinks will be displayed across the front of the jerseys for the Fall 2021 season. We appreciate their contribution, as all players will be given a drink after to help replenish them, and also at the Academy to provide a healthy alternative. Check out their Story below! 


The Story of Sultan Drinks

We strive on a daily base to reach the perfect fusion of the traditional and the modern in the form of close-to-nature products. Our motto “every step back to nature is a step forward in a better future” has been with us from the very beginning and remains the basic principle of our work.


Everything started 2013 with the idea to combine millennia old ingredients from the Orient and the Far East with the modern technology of the Western world into new fusion drinks. For this new generation of drinks, we choose the name Sultan to henceforth unite the superior strength of the ingredients, the unique design and the majestic taste in one name. We develop our drinks for people who appreciate the value of nature and world cultures, who feel addressed by our carefully selected ingredients and for the cosmopolitans ready to try something new.

Bosmen GmbH is an Austrian company that develops global novelties in the field of beverages with internationally renowned and prized partners.


Besides existing drinks Black Seed Cola, Ginger Power, Ginseng Ice Tea, and Curcuma Orange we have formulated 6 more of absolutely unique beverages that will be globally launched in future. The special feature of our drinks are the ingredients and among them, no doubt, the black seed being the basis for all drinks and fused with other precious ingredients and filled with high-quality Austrian mineral water. Black Seed (lat. Nigella Sativa), used and valued since more than 2000 years in all major world cultures, gives our drinks the special and distinctive taste-making those an unmistakable indulgence to all senses.

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